Danieli's exclusive know-how in steelmaking covers he whole production cycle, from ore peparation and direct reduction plants to billet, bloom, slab and thin slab casting; from AC-DC electric arc furnaces to integrated ironmaking plants, to finishing and conditioning of end products. Balanced investment costs, high productivity, and greater operational flexibility are the characteristics of our expertise.

  • UK flag The Fumes Treatment Plant is an important system dedicated to the filtering of the heavy fumes producted during melting production 
  • fag ita Sistema che regola l'altezza degli elettrodi nei forni EAF e LRF rispetto al bagno di fusione
  • UK flag The Water Treatment Plant is an important system dedicated to the filtering of the water used for cooling the equipments but also the materials.
  • UK flag Degasification is the removal of dissolved gases from liquids, especially water or aqueous solutions. There are numerous possible methods for such removal of gases from solids.

  • ita Il processo di controllo del forno di siviera è in grado di definire la strategia di raffinazione in funzione della sequenza di temperatura.
  • UK flag The Ladle Furnace process control is able to define refining strategy as a function of the sequence of ladle temperature 
  • UK flag The Raw Material Handling is an important system dedicated to the preparation of the materials before the melting. 
  • UK flag The Electrical Arc Furnace melting process has developed into a machine where various types and mixes of raw materials are used
  • ita Il processo di degassificazione rimuove le particelle di acqua, o altri liquidi, presenti nei gas. Esistono numerosi possibili metodi per rimuovere tali.